Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Hans, Mason & Riley!

Where did the month of June go? I know I had a baby, but I wasn't asleep for the last 3 weeks.

While I was baby-mooning, (get it? instead of honeymooning.) Hans had his 33 birthday and Father's day on the same day. It was so sad, Hans wanted some new running shoes and while we were out on a random shopping trip, he picked out the ones he wanted and I said "Happy Birthday/Father's Day." No spontaneity, excitement or pizazz, just running shoes. :(

I did sort of make it up to him the next week, while my brother was in town. Mason's birthday is on the 26th, so on his birthday we had Hans' favorite meal: steak and potatoes and homemade mint ice cream cake (Mason's favorite.)

Mason came up to visit and help out a couple of weeks ago, just before he left for his mission to San Antonio, Texas. (Spanish speaking.) My kids were in heaven. He took them all swimming almost everyday, played chess with Riley, held Quinn, entertained Amelia and talked about scouting & out door adventure stuff with Conrad.

Mason was determined to get the 1st extended family picture with Quinn.
I think to make our mom jealous.)

Quinn is such an angel. Mason wrapped him up and I snapped a photo of my little sweetheart.

Riley's birthday landed on a Sunday and he wanted to do the friend thing on Monday, so his birthday was fairly low key. But the kids did go out and play with sparklers and I got to play with my camera's shutter speed. (These pictures are all taken with a 10 second shutter speed.) Below are pictures of them all writing their names, err, backwards. ( I need learn how to invert pictures.)


(his is actually the most legible.)

Amelia (with the help of Hans)

I think Hans might legally change his name to this symbol, just like Prince.
(You know Prince is from Minnesota.)


Michelle said...

Those sparkler pictures are so very cool! Happy birthday to everyone! I know what you mean about the excitement being taken out of gifts... my husband's birthday is close to father's day, too... and, since he is in the fireworks business, I pretty much don't see him for either. It's a bit sad. Plus, he got himself his own gift this year. So lame. I think I love giving surprises even more than I love receiving them! Oh well...

Jill said...

I had no idea Prince was from Minnesota.
I knew I read your blog for a reason. :)

Summer said...

That looks really cool! You sound busy too. Quinn is getting so big. Hopefully you'll be in MN just after Christmas so we can see you.

Stacie said...

Those sparkler pictures are so cool to look at!

Your newest one has such a sweet face.

Angie Larkin said...

First of all...Prince is from Minnesota? Random. That cake looked rediculously delish. Congrats on your baby boy. He looks like Riley to me. My husband got hosed on his B-day this year too. We moved on his birthday and he got a tuna casserole for his gift. (He bought a motorcycle helmet a couple of months ago that was supposed to be for his birthday, but still...)