Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't you dare

Conrad has an eye for finding things. His code name is "Eagle Eye" because of his ability to find anything anywhere. Here's a prime example, while in Guadalajara at a huge outdoor market/swap meet, Conrad was looking around and found a carat and a half diamond. (a perfect cubic zirconia, still not too shabby.) He then in the US found another one. Crazy right? What an eye. He's also been the hero of many lost keys, earring, cell phones, etc. His most recent discovery was an unopened jar of Nutella. All I can say is lucky.

Conrad has this jar under lock and key times 3.

His diamonds are in a safe with only one lock.

He trusts no one in the house. Only Conrad holds the 3 keys. Thus the shackled jar of Nutella sits exposed high on a shelf taunting the passersby.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fake 'tilll you Make it

So I was recently asked by the activities organizer for our student housing community to write a weekly article with cleaning tips for the other residents. She said that someone from our community reported that I was the person to talk to about cleaning. I almost laughed out loud (LOL). I really did think she was joking. Then I thought that someone else must be pulling a trick by recommending me. Apparently the source was quite serious about her recommendation.

After I got over the initial, and then residual surprise, I thought, "Why not? I can do field research, and get paid to write about it!" So I discussed it with Hans and then accepted when he said that he'd help make it fun. I started with what I knew, which I learned here in MN. Here is the premier 250-word article.

I’ve lived at CSCC for almost 5 years. I will be writing short articles on cleaning so that your mother-in-law will be impressed when she comes over, or more importantly, so that you can get your full deposit back when you eventually bid farewell to CSCC. So let’s get cleaning!

Lovin’ Your Oven

I never cared much about the inside of my oven. Don’t get me wrong, I love to bake and cook with a vengeance, but when things would splatter in the oven, like Rex-Kwon-Do, I would just close the door and walk away. I'd occasionally think, "I should clean that oven, it looks like I've coated it with lava rock.” But it was always hot when I thought of it, and I didn't want to burn myself.

Then one day I went over to a neighbor's house. She opened her oven, and it gleamed. She said she cleaned it once per month and that she would just:

1) liberally spray the inside of the cooled oven (not hot) with oven cleaner (fume-free Easy-Off is my fave),

2) let it sit overnight (or at least two hours),

3) leave a note as a reminder to finish the job, and

4) effortlessly (but thoroughly) wipe it clean with an old, warm and damp rag, sponge, or paper towel in the morning.

I love it when something (or someone) else does the work for me, so I tried it and BAM it works, every time. Now my oven sparkles (almost) every month, with minimal work. But don’t forget to write yourself a note! More than once I’ve turned on the oven, only to remember that I forgot step 4. Don’t forget step 4. That stinks! Really!

By the way, which color do you like best? I'm torn between orange and periwinkle and Hans prefers the cherry red.