Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Happy Birthday Amelia! You sweet little girl! As we were off to school this morning, I looked at you and was amazed at how tall you've grown. When you told a passer by that today was your birthday, some how the fact that you turned 5 makes you officially out a little girl and no longer a toddler.
You are kind, obedient, funny, loving, happy, affectionate, thoughtful, and sincere.

At a time share in New Port Beach, during our Call's in Cali 2010 family reunion. She is just so angelic.

This picture is blurry, but her expression is just perfect.

Amelia with her Grandma Cynthia, wearing Great Grandma Call's 2 1/2 inch mules running up and down the hall so they can hear them clip clop.

A little rosier cheeked then normal. This was taken in August, during a hike down a steep "road" in Hans' Grandma's ranch in the Black Hills of Wyoming.

She learned the bunny ears from her 2 older brothers.

1880's Store in Keystone, South Dakota has more than just hidden treasures. It also has floor vent. (Amelia is a more modest Marilyn Monroe. Notice her dress is still below the knees.)

This is a classic Amelia picture face!