Thursday, January 27, 2011

The writing on the wall

Amelia loves to color and draw and ever since she learned her letters in preschool, she wants to have us spell EVERYTHING so she can write it down. Recently she has been drawing her family and animals, My Little Pony, actually. You know: Rainbow Dash, Pink Pie, Scooter Lou...
Well one night while I was upstairs getting the boys to bed, Amelia was downstairs with Hans at work drawing and writing. Apparently she asked Hans for the glue and because Hans was busy at the computer, he handed her a bottle of glue, no questions asked.

As you can see on the picture Amelia wanted the paper to really stick to the wall, logically she covered a quarter of the paper with glue.
By the time I came down stairs, the glue was on its way to drying and those papers are still plastered there to this day.

The picture reads, Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie are my favorite. Amelia.