Friday, July 31, 2009

I've seen better days....

I'm excited that Quinn is 6 weeks. It's a marker that tells me normalcy can begin. I've already cleaned our carpets, baked bread, and done many other mundane projects like vacuuming and grocery shopping without Hans. I've noticed that it's been almost thrilling to accomplish these daily tasks because it helps me to feel like I'm getting back into my groove. (Ah, the daily adventures of an at home mother.)
I've been thinking of ways to get back into shape and I've set a goal to run another 5k in September.
I found a partner and started jogging a couple of weeks ago to prepare myself for the grueling 3.1 miles. As I was going up a hill the other day I couldn't help quoting Joseph Conrad's, Heart of Darkness, "The horror! The horror!"

On a less painful note here are pictures of Hans & Quinn. I really love seeing my family dressed up on Sundays.

Hans looks especially handsome in a white shirt

Oh Quinn.


Chalece said...

Hey, can I invite myself into your 5K expedition?? I would really love to do that!

grandmacynthia said...

Hey sweetie, The baby is so beautiful, and really, normality is a relative term. Who wants to be normal anyway.
Love ya, MOM

Stacie said...

Ugh! I despise jogging and am so impressed with people who do it. You are now officially a hero in my book!

And Quinn is adorable!

kwh said...

Can't wait to see Quinn again in person! He looks adorable with Hans!

Kristin Chesnik said...

Oh wow! He is a CUTIE (I mean Quinn, but Hans looks good in the pic too--LOL!)!!!