Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

Indian Summer 2009 You never know if or when it may happen. So in a way it's a gift. Only better.

Bugs are gone. Autumn with its still in-between air sits in the wings while you savor the warmth of summer as it comes back for another bow.

I like it because of its unpredictability. With the straining effort aided by new technology of society to capture and predict, I appreciate the freedom and the surprise. -Robert Redford


Michelle said...

Did you get that quote from me? Because I think that looks alot like the mush swimming around in my foggy, very pregnant brain!

Summer said...

This is really weird. I can read part of this on my dashboard, but as soon as I get to your site there are some really cool looking symbols. I am not sure you meant to do that.