Wednesday, June 24, 2009

12 days

Quinn is doing well. He's a good sleeper, which means I'm a good sleeper (& Hans too) and he's a good eater, which means I'm preoccupied, but not engorged and not as sore when he latches on. (too much information?)

The name Quinn is sticking and Hans & I are quite happy with our choice. (The boys wanted to vote on the name, but I reminded them that this family was not a democracy. What then does that make our family?) His name has already being morphed into nick names like "Quinners" and "Quinny" and my brother is excited to call him "Q".

I find myself wondering if his features have changed since birth. I look at him all the time, but when I remember, I try to look closer.
When the midwife put Quinn my chest, the first thing I noticed about him were his long fingernails. They were jagged, long and healthy. (It's funny what one remembers and consequently I didn't trim them for a long time so I could keep that first look and feeling in my mind.)

Conrad likes to snuggle and he has found out that Quinn likes to snuggle too.

Quinn is covered in soft downy hair and he has these long paper thin eye lashes that I have to look at every time I hold him.

I starting to wonder if Amelia thinks Quinn is actually a moving doll. If you notice in the picture the quilt covering him is Amelia's doll quilt.


Sarah said...

Your kids are so beautiful and you take excellent pictures! I love Amelia holding him. And last, I LOVE the name Quinn. Very, very cute for a baby and strong for when he's older.

Summer said...

I love the one with Quinn looking away with the shadows on his face. He just looks so BIG. I hope all of the kids enjoy this sweet snugly stage.

Farnsworth Family said...

What great pics of Quinn with the kids. It's amazing just how quickly everyone loves these new addition. He is absolutely adorable!!!!

Michelle said...

Those pictures are fantastic...they look professional!
I am thrilled for you 1)that you are all sleeping well (what a HUGE blessing!) and 2)that you are not suffering the exceedingly painful path of continual engorgement! (and no, it wasn't too much information :)
I love that all your kids snuggle with the baby. What could be more sweet?

Jill said...

I love the one with Quinn and Conrad. So sweet.
We've been out of town.
I'll be calling...

Stacie said...

Monica, those are BEAUTIFUL pictures!

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