Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bees, butterflies & birds

Summer has been lovely this year. I've seen Cardinals, Blue Jays and Golden finches. When I first saw a gold finch, I thought someone's pet bird had escaped from it's cage, but then I noticed they were all over the place and that these oh-so-stunning birds were God's gift for us Minnesotans to enjoy.

Conrad loves nature a lot more than me and he has become quite excited about the butterflies that visit our community. So far he has caught a 2 Mourning Cloaks and 2 Monarchs. He begged and pleaded to pin and frame them and so we framed one of each. He's hoping to catch a Swallowtail next. Apparently they are gorgeous.

Amelia is such a sweet little lady. Whenever she sees flowers she wants to pick them for me. (She learned from her brothers.) Sometimes its a dandelion, but her most recent pick was this puff of hydrangea.
Funny thing happened yesterday, while she was handing me an extremely large freshly picked dandelion, I looked and noticed their was a fat and fuzzy bumble bee still pollinating the flower. Amelia dropped the flower and alas I did not get anymore flowers that day.


Hans said...

This post reminded me of William James' (helped found psychology, brother to Henry James, the author) describing a baby's impression of the world as "as one great blooming, buzzing confusion". Imagine what it is like for Quinn, who has seen none of this to come into such a whirlwind of life, color, and activity. It's hard enough for me.

i said...

sooo...that pic. is amazing! i just love seeing the nature stuff ya'll enjoy!