Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new tradition

Hans & I want to start new traditions that don't involve food. Not that there is anything wrong with making memories while eating at the same time. But traditions that leave us feeling healthier and focused are the ones Hans & I are trying to make and keep with our family as well as the Thanksgiving Turkey, birthday cake,St. Patrick's Corn beef and Cabbage, Valentine chocolates, and Christmas pies. Anyway... so for New Year's Day we went to Red Rock Canyon. We had hoped to get there as the sun was rising to make for a poetic watching the dawn of a new year, but it was new years day, so we got up a little later, because of the night before. but the view was fantastic!
I remember thinking as a teen, how ugly the mountains looked with out trees on them. (teenagers...)

Although Amelia was pretty sad about not being able to scale the rocks with her big brothers, she did enjoy her own personal photo shoot.

The boys (Hans included) climbed up the red rock too high for pregnant women or 3 year olds.

I can always count on Conrad to strike a sweet pose.

My boys are so fearless. It's a good and bad thing for a mother to watch.

I'm surprised that Riley wasn't wearing his light saber or rubber band gun.
(I think there might have been a law forbidding weapons.)

I finally bought a new camera and after this trip realized that I need to read up on lighting, focusing and the whole SLR thingy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is the world coming to?

A shocking thing happened last night, my darling Amelia asked "Can I please have some cherries?" instead of "Can I sleez have some sherries?" Her endearing speech impediments are disappearing and being replaced by proper pronunciations and a broader vocabulary. My sweet daughter making yet another step towards being a girl and not a toddling baby. These little milestones cause me to ponder, "What next?" And then I panic, and imagine Amelia asking why she can text her BFF and how come I won't let her get her ears pierced. Which brings me to a question for any of you out there. What is your view on ear piercing? would you let your daughter get her ears pierced? and at what age? I would truly like my girls not to have their ears pierced. Not for religious, medical, or philosophical reasons, but because I think it looks very classy and un pierced earlobes harken back to a time of innocence. Not that innocence is lost once the needle perforates the lobe. if that were so I lost my "innocence" at age 6 and again at age 16 and 18.
When we lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, EVERY new baby girl had their ears pierced and because Amelia's ears weren't, most people asked, " Es Nina o Nino?" Translations, "Is your baby, (you know the one dressed in pink with the pink hat and flowered shoes) a girl or boy?"
I can see ear-piercing as a cultural tradition, but in the United States there is no set day, or year or milestone that every parent has agreed on, or is there? Why and when do parents get their baby girls ears pierced? I am curious and wonder if I am the only one who hopes my girls just won't care or notice this trendy fashion .

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have been out of the blogging loop for quite some time. I could say it was due to the busy holiday season, the super chilly weather, Amelia's potty training, my cold that would not quit or our sweet road trip we took to Las Vegas for 2 week. I must confess that although those things did consume my time, the ultimate reason for lack of communication or even movement outside of my home is because I am PREGNANT! Finally. My boys were very suspicious when I told them I was pregnant because I didn't look it. (thank heavens) but quickly told everyone and told them not to tell. I am due June 19th and feel back to my old self and ready to make new year's resolutions and strive to get my life in good order before this new addition to our home arrives.