Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flying Fish

Today I went on a field trip with Riley and his class to the Children's Museum. I have taken the my children there several times and have loved to look at the flying fish that hang 4 stories above the ground. They are magical and set a enchanting tone for such a brilliant place.

The 1st snowfall of Spring, through the lens of Heathere Willoughy

I did not take this picture. I wish I had, but fortunately my very artistic friend Heathere Willoughby caught this whimsical wonderland. Thank you for capturing these beautiful moments of the 1st snowflakes of Spring.
Sweet Amelia. I often think of her as little red riding hood in this coat.
I love Riley. This is a great picture. Although we were on a fancy golf course, he still found a way to keep it real.

It's beginning to look a lot like Easter...

Amelia is so beautiful. Rosy cheeks and everything.
Conrad has a great smile and he loves to strike a pose anywhere I tell him. what a cutie.
Happy Easter! I love the fact that Amelia is donning her winter coat and boots, but she is very careful not to get her Easter basket wet. If you'll notice Hans isn't really smiling, he's actually wincing with pain, while I adjusted the camera. It's been 1 month since he had his right ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) replaced, ie: knee surgery.

I'm dreaming of a White Easter...

Hello family and friends! I am officially starting a BLOG! Heaven help me. I have been thinking about this for a couple of months, but hymned and haahed over what to call it and how to format it. What pushed me over the lemming cliff was this Easter weekend, when it snowed 6 inches and my sweet children had to hunt for eggs in their winter coats, boots, hats and gloves. The thought came to me, "This would be a great blog entry." so here I am. I feel the positive peer-pressure to take more pictures so that all of you can see my sassy brute in all of their splendor and glory, and I hope to post fairly often, so enjoy.