Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Friend

Amelia is speaking more and more everyday and I love it. She babbles and chitter chatters all day long and honestly I only understand about 50% of it. Unfortunately, she knows I don't understand and keeps repeating herself, with frustration, until I answer in a way to make her believe that I understand. Do you understand? :)

Our latest dialog went something like this:
Me: "Lucas is coming over today."
Amelia: "Oh! Yucas, my friend?"
Me: "Yes, Lucas our friend."
Amelia: "No, my Yucas, my friend."
Me: "Lucas isn't my friend?"
She was pretty upset at that point, so I thought I'd drop the subject and let her win that one.

I've talked about Lucas before in previous posts. He is a 3 year old boy, in our community and Amelia is passionately in love with him. (Well as in love as any 2 year old can be with someone.) Whenever there is a knock at the door, she gets very excited and asks, "My Yucas come over?" If she sees him, she runs for him at full speed screaming with glee, "Yukey- Yuke!!!" Amelia will stop short of him and look back at me and say, "Come on Mama." Then with her eyebrows raised and a smile that will bubble over at any second, she whispers, "Yucas, my friend."


Jean Smith Photography said...

she is such a pretty little girl...oh man...that second picture is beautiful! i don't even know your little munchkin and that story melted my heart! yukas...that's so cute!

by the way, i love the picture of you and amelia on the are a hot mama!!!

Karen said...

You and Amelia are twinners!! My little girl pronouns her l's like y's too. It is so cute. I love when Katelyn says "yady bug"

Stacie Morris said...

Oh, Monica! Those are some beautiful pictures of your little girl! I hope you have her on tape saying "Yukas"...too cute!

Angie Larkin said...

I'm not sure what the get-up is Amelia is sporting, but I had a good time imagining how it came to be!