Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Annual Ward Talent Show

There's nothing like a ward talent show to get one's blood pumping. This is the 2nd time I've put my self out there and honestly, I think it does get easier. Last year I sang "Rainbow Connection" with to awesome guitarist, Mike Gaulky & Jason Willoughby. It was fun to be the lead (well only) vocals of a band I felt pretty mediocre compared to their talent and wished I was their background music because that night those guys "tore it up". (guitarist lingo.)
This year, there were no guitars, no Mike (his wife had just had a baby boy, Edward), BUT Jason composed an amazing song entitled, "Fire Right Though Me." The melody was beautifully layered and the lyrics were pure poetry. I felt totally honored when I was asked to sing one of his original songs and I hope I can get to sing more of them in the future. Here's a sample of the lyrics to Fire right Through me:

Seems to me your eyes burn bright

Like fire right through me

Down to the deepest part

Scenes like your smiles make memories

I need as a lighthouse

To find my way home


Jean Smith Photography said...

whoa...hold the phone. you SING? um, how did i not know that??? what other talent are you going to pull out of nowhere, you jewelery making, singer lady who births her kiddies without pain medication!!!!

Jason said...

Thanks for the compliments. I must say I believe this was the THIRD time, no? "Mary, did you know?" at the Christmas show? I thought so.