Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Field trip to the Animal Farm

I must admit that whenever I say Animal Farm I think of George Orwell's novel about the talking animals, who form a coop and overthrow their farmer. (Weird & slightly demented thought, I know.) The Hugo Farm is not as riotous or scary, it's actually a very lovely farm filled with well fed animals, happy farmers, new life, and (most importantly) no overwhelming smells. I went with Riley and his class on a field trip there and had a fabulous time watching him interact with other kindergartners. I'm happy to announce that Riley's behavior is normal, so very normal in fact that I think he may be the most mature and well behaved 5 year old of his class.

Maccario & Riley on the bus talking about Pokemon cards.

With fists full corn, Mary Grace & Riley can't wait to feed the mules & Belgian horses.

This piglet was 3 weeks old. When someone asked what his name was, the farmer plainly stated, "We don't give them names, they aren't meant to be pets." I totally chuckled under my breath. This was my view for the 4 hours we are at the farm. You'll notice that all 3 kids are holding hands and all 3 have their jackets tied around their necks. Yes, they are super heroes.....
with bunny power, crocodile power, force field power, laser power, speedy power & flying power.

and yes, Riley is the coolest impromptu super hero, complete with: furrowed brow, curled lips and flipin' sweet moves.


Jill Mennig said...

How fun! That looks like such a relaxed trip for the kids. It seems that they just really enjoyed their day together. I love it.

Jean Smith Photography said...

these are so fun! that pig is so cute, i want to buy one for a pet. seriously. by the way...your mother's day treat/breakfast sounds divine! happy belated mother's day!

The Dynamic Trio said...

How FUN!! What a dang cute pig. Although it could use a manicure... :)

Audrey Taylor said...

Last I saw you was at a Stake Relief Society training meeting for the Paradise Stake in Las Vegas. Just want to let you know, I had my last baby at home 6 months ago and it was perfect! (You were the very first person I had ever met who had their baby at home.) I can't believe Conrad is 8 already, he looks tall.