Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My best Mother's Day yet

My Sweet husband and boys had a great time preparing for Mother's Day. I think they like the sneakiness part best. Conrad & Riley smuggled their mother's day gifts home without me knowing, but then gave it all away when they emphatically told me t not to go in Amelia's room. Sunday morning, I was not allowed to go down stairs, for some mysterious reason. It was all so cute and I'm glad they enjoyed themselves as much as I did. And I'm also happy that Hans let them be apart of the "magic & mystery" and culinary arts that encompassed their whole day.
This was the decadent layered smoothie that I was greeted with Sunday morning. From top to bottom there was: freshly whipped cream, strawberry smoothie, Oreo cookie, vanilla yogurt and the white middle of the Oreo cookie on the bottom. (would one call that frosting?)

We were in sort of a hurry for dinner and we didn't get a picture of Hans' fancy schmancy Cor don Bleu. It was awesome, but we did take several pictures of the creme brulee he mixed, boiled, baked, cooled and flambeed with the butane. It was almost too rich to finish. (That's a good thing in my book.)


Jill Mennig said...

Very impressive, Hans! Someone was listening to Elder Ballard this last conference.

The Dynamic Trio said...

How SWEET!! Those smoothies look so refreshing! :) Happy Mother's Day!