Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I'm 30 ... Part 2

Having a birthday is a very reflective time for me, especially when it's the closing of one decade of my life and the birth of a new. Hans & I have been in great discussion on this topic and I can safely say that I like who I am now a lot more than the person I was 10 years ago. As I was pondering this, people I have associated with kept popping into my mind. It is because of some wonderful friends that I like who I am, so in this post I wanted to thank at least 30 people who helped me be a better person.
*Many of the people who surround me here in Minneapolis have played a significant part in bettering my life, but I will not mention them at this time. I hope to show you my appreciation while we travel life's journey together.

(List is in alphabetical order by last name.)

1. Bishop Garth Abbott-Thank you for telling me "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" in regards to our marriage plans.

2. Jen Anderson- Thank you for teaching me life skills like washing dishes. I know that sounds lame, but every time I wash dishes I think of you.

3. Gary Boyd- Thank you for teaching me by example how to sincerely accept a compliment.

4. Jana Bundy- Thank you for helping me to go the extra mile and encouraging me to run a 5k.

5. Grandma & Grandpa Call- Thank you for always making me feel welcome in your home. Also because of your generosity I've been able to have a lot of life enriching experiences which would have been unavailable otherwise.

6. Kristin Chesnik- Thank you for showing me that "WILD" can be G rated.

7. Brother Steve Fotheringham- Thank you for teaching me the gospel & giving just the right amount of advice.

8. Danielle Garner- Thank you for teaching me Christ-like and sincere love.

9. Mr. Phil Haines- Thank you for teaching me that "to be early is to be on time" and for being consistent when my high school life was
less than stable.

10. Danny Hastings- Thank you for being a beautiful example of a father; I am indeed envious of your girls.

11. Rex Hughes- Thank you for feeling comfortable enough with us to come over at 10 p.m. and just talk.

12. Cherida Jones- Thank you for being a spiritual beacon that I could look to throughout my life.

13. Krista Kader- Thank you for your never-ending dedication to our friendship; it has been a great constant in my life ever since the 6th grade.

14. Dr. Bob Kottell- Thank you for your zany psychology classes; you helped me work through a lot of things in my young mind.

15. Lane & Janina Lambert- Thank you for including me in your simple devotion to the pure gospel.

16. Jill Mennig- Thank you for understanding that I cannot always be the perfect friend and accepting me.

17 & 18. Summer Michaelson & Jeanette McEachran- Thank you for being my BC wife buddies at BC get-togethers, when the rest were KS-ing and Chaparral-ing.

19. Rebecca Miller- Thank you for being a refined, feminine, and compassionate friend, and for sharing our time in France.

20 & 21. My Midwives- Kaye Bullock & Mary Henderson- Thank you for delivering my babies with care and long-suffering.

22. Cynthia Roland (Mom)- Thank you for all the long nights you stayed up with me finishing projects, sewing costumes and rehearsing parts of plays and dance routines.

23. Patty Navaarro- Thank you for showing me balance, organization and understanding in the work place.

24. Terra Perry- Thank you for your never failing smile and infectious laugh.

25. Amber Pike- Thank you for teaching me by example to sincerely acknowledge another's thoughts and ideas in order to deeply communicate.

26. Hans Rawhouser (of course)- Thank you for loving me, for being my eyes when I couldn't see, for parting my lips
When I couldn't breathe, Thank you for loving me... But seriously, thank you for pushing me to be more than I thought possible and loving me in spite of me.

27. Mrs. Andre Reid- Thank you for treating me like an adult at 16 and expecting me to act like one at 6 a.m. in Chemistry 2 AP.

28. Robert & Marian Rodriguez- Thank you for your truth and passion about life.

29. Mark Roland (Dad)- Thank you for showing me that it's important to do your best and finish the job you've started.

30. Shaunna Sanders- Thank you for defining balance with your example- intelligence, talent, sincerity, sacrifice & pro activity.

31. Becky Sattler- Thank you for being spunky and excited about the gospel & motherhood.

32. Jack & Janette Schofield- Thank you for all those late night talks, your amazing artistic perspective and teaching me how to show love to the unloved.

33. Jean Smith- Thank you for helping me transition from 2 to 3 children and showing me that a little sparkle can make all the difference.


Jill Mennig said...

Monica, I think you ARE the perfect friend. What a great list.

Jen said...

Monica, you are such a cute person. Well that is funny, because every time I accidentally leave one random dish unwashed in the sink after cleaning up dinner; I think of you.

Kristin Chesnik said...

I absolutely love your list--what a brillant idea. I love you for your passion for your family, the gospel, education, travel, food, (and politics:).

Janette said...

you are treasure to us-- You have amazing gifts--really, you are a gift to all that know you!!
I'm so glad you were born and that you are my friend!!
Love ya