Monday, October 27, 2008

I had no clue....

During these past couple of year living in student housing, I have learned so much, for example: baking beautiful whole wheat bread, sewing a zipper, taking a better picture, cleaning my oven more effectively, running up a hill both ways, and feeling frostbite. But this past month I have truly been awe struck, one of our friends here, is a fellow in cardio-thoracic surgery and wow the life saving stories he tells. It blows the mind at how doctors save peoples lives everyday and to them "It's all in a days work." Hans & I have listened to Brian for hours, talk about blood and guts and how he feels it's his calling and duty to save people's lives. It's so amazing!
On his latest story he told us of a procedure called Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest or Aortic Arch Replacement.
Wikipedia explains it best.
A surgical procedure that involves cooling the body of the patient and stopping blood circulation. It is used to repair brain aneurysms and aortic arch defects.

The procedure requires keeping the patient in a state of hibernation at 15 degrees Celsius with no breathing, heartbeat, or brain activity for up to one hour. Blood is drained from the body to eliminate blood pressure. The patient is considered clinically dead during the operation.

Apparently this operation can be done on 2 month old babies to the very elderly.

Who knew?


Stacie Morris said...

Isn't it amazing what we can do to the human body?

Cool friend to have, Monica!

Michelle said...

I have heard of that before! It is truly phenominal. I think it is crazily amazing that they can operate on a baby while still in the womb.
By the way, I have been wondering... what brought you to Minnesota? Is Hans going to school there? I don't even know!

Jean Smith Photography said...

i really is crazy, huh? doctors just say it's their job and it's what they do, but who are they kidding...they are miracle workers!

that procedure is just crazy. i have never heard of that before.