Monday, October 27, 2008

Do you have anything nonalcoholic?

As a child and later active practicing Mormon, I always ordered a Shirley Temple (lemon lime soda w/ cherry syrup). But now that I'm getting on in years I wanted to try something more sophisticated, but that I could drink all night. Well I found it, at a country club. It was open bar, which really doesn't mean much to a stone cold sober Momron, but when the hostess recommended trying a bootless, open bar made me as happy as the next lush.
A bootless is basically, club soda, lemonade with chopped fresh mint. The picture to the right is glamorized to show the beauty of the mint and lemons, it actually looked a little like sparkling wheat grass juice, thus giving the allusion of something on an infomercial, presented by an overly tanned health nut, in his 60's, who always wears a jogging suit. But contrary to the true appearance, it tasted refreshingly awesome. I think I downed 6 in a 2 hour period and also got Hans & a friend to have a couple rounds as well.
I highly recommend it to anyone at an open bar party who's sick of ordering the juvenile 7up with cherries.
Oh and I know this will lower my "genius" readability on my blog, but Hans & I noticed that unlike many other flavorful food, the bootless burps are even better.
So finally my question to all of you, What is your open bar, non-alcoholic beverage of choice?


Jill Mennig said...

Saddly, I have never had the occasion. :( I'll have to try yours whenever it arises.

Farnsworth Family said...

I'm with Jill...I typically stick to water, but your Bootless drink does sound pretty good. BTW, your jewelry is amazing, have you thought of selling it online???

Angie Larkin said...

I really appreciate this post! Every year at Nic's company parties I stand at the bar like and idiot and go...uh...uh...I'll have an....uh....oh just give me a diet coke (with lemon so it looks like something). I will try the bootless.