Thursday, April 17, 2008

Riley is growing up

Riley's newest obsession is Pokemon. I honestly don't know how it works and frankly I don't think he does either. But what makes this scene even sweeter is the fact that all 6 of his cards, (which I think are in his hand,) were given to him by his school buddies so that they can play. How nice is that?

Yes it's true, I looked at my sweet little boy today and noticed that he is becoming a little man. This is something I've been watching for a while. It first hit me at church a couple of weeks ago, when he bent down to fix his shoe. I thought to myself, "His legs are longer," and then when he stood up, I realized that yes his pants were a bit short. But I don't think it's just him getting taller, I have seen a change in his facial features and in his body structure all together. It actually made me a bit sad.
Although Amelia is the youngest girl, Riley is still my youngest boy. He is more sensitive, loving, compassionate, genuinely complimentary towards everyone. You'll notice in my blog and emails I very often refer to him as my sweet little boy because that title sums him up. (well 99% of the time anyway.)
I'm sure I'll be typing this again when his voice changes, gets chest hair and discovers "hot girls."


Heathere Willoughby said...

This is the most adorable picture ever - I love that he fell asleep with his Pokemon cards in his hand! p.s. I see the eliptical in the background!

Jean Smith Photography said...

hey, hey...look at your photography skills...that pictures is darling! i have always thought riley was such a sweet little boy. it's so funny to hear you talk about your boys and their changes because they are the exact age as my boys and we are going through the same types of things.

Mason said...

Monica i think you and myles sould talk on how Pokemon works or i can show both of you it is a fun game that you should get a jump on so your the totely cool mom that mom was when me and myles got our first cards. Hay ill see if myles will give him some of his cards cuz he's gitting a lil old of them now lol.