Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our little bit of earth

I know what your thinking, can a city girl, notorious for killing house plants, cactus, and flowers really make a garden grow? The answer is obviously "NO!" But I do believe, with a great deal of help from my lovely family and fabulously rich soil (I've been told it's not called dirt) and organic compost (I've also been told that it's beautiful compost, I'm not so sure I'd call it beautiful), there might be a green thumb somewhere on my body, hopefully it's on my hand.
This morning our little community went out to find our plots and apply manure. Luckily it rained the night before, so it didn't smell that bad. I'm not saying I liked the smell or anything.

This morning at 8:30 a.m. I had this very logical conversation with Conrad:
Me: Let's get ready to go check out our garden and wear something old because we're going to fertilize it.
Conrad: With what?
Me: Cow manure. They just delivered it this morning.
Conrad: Delivered it!?! You mean we had to pay for poop?
Hans: Well someone had to shovel it and you don't think they'd do that for free.

Unfortunately, Hans didn't get paid for shoveling the expensive cow plop.

Neither did Riley.

Adaline, Lucas, & Amelia are ready for Spring or winter. You'll notice Amelia is looking at Lucas, she adores him and will often call him, "My Lucas" or "My Lukee-Luke."

She was very excited to don her Spring hat although it doesn't really go with her winter coat.


Smith Family said...

first of clever that you each get your own little piece of "rich soil." second, your kids should feel lucky...not many parents let their kids play in poop. and last...i wish you the best of luck with your green thumb and hope everything doesn't die.

loves from michigan!

Josh said...

I didn't you guys had a blog. Welcome to the blogging world! Good luck with that garden.You guys live in a perfect place to grow one unlike Vegas-cassidy

The Morris Fam said...

I'm not sure how I ended up at your blog, but I'm glad I did...What a nice surprise! I love all of the gardening picrutes. I just can't believe that you need to use compost with such black soil! I do dream of a garden, but I guess I'll have to move to minnesota!

Dave and Becky said...

Monica! You have a blog and I found it!!! I have been looking on your old original site for so long, never knowing that you have a real blog too!!! How fun. My, your kiddos are growing... look at little Amelia! They are darling. Good luck with the garden.. a little bit of heaven! I'll have to call you one of these days; it has been way too long. We miss you!

The Dynamic Trio said...

Oh my GOODNESS your kids are SO grown UP! It was so good seeing you guys when you visited the ward. I'm happy i found your blog i can now keep in touch with your adorable family! :) You are so adorable Monica.

The Dynamic Trio said...

oh- by the way this is Brandi (Bullock)! :)

The Dynamic Trio said...

I'm actually thinking about starting my own photography business. I have a real passion for it and Seth keeps pushing me just to do it! SO we'll see!! :)