Friday, April 4, 2008

Amelia & the snow

Sunday was a very slow day without the boy's around. We have church from 9-12 and generally I scramble to arrive before the opening hymn. Not today, we actually arrived at 8:45, pressed and dressed.

After Church Hans took a nap and Amelia and I went outside to play. In our apartment association there are a few wonderful playgrounds spread throughout and Amelia enjoys them all. I brought my camera thinking I'd get some great "Spring Green" photos, but unfortunately everything was still a bit cold and gray. But not Amelia she was as beautiful as ever.

You'll notice behind our little cutie lies gray sand and dead leaves. A perfect canvas for capturing Amelia's sweet smile and blue eyes.

I love Minnesota. I'm saying it while I shake my head and smile. This picture is taken Monday, March 31st, just after it snowed all day long. It was gorgeous, yet funny because just the day before it was warm and most of the snow had melted. Mother Nature loves messing with us Minnesotan, eh?

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