Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You talkin' to me?

I came out to go to school a few weeks ago, and unlocked my bike, only to turn and see a two-foot high red-tail hawk about five feet from me, perched on top of a nearby bike. He just sat there looking at me, sizing me up. No fear there. I think he was thinking, "You got a problem?"
Conrad had raised his hand in one of our building meetings when suggestions were solicited for how to use the building funds. He suggested buying an owl to get rid of the many squirrels here (and he was willing to host the owl in his room). So I kne
w that he and Riley would want to see this, so I slipped upstairs and woke them up, and the boys and Monica came down. The hawk was still there. The boys came out and came within about four feet of him. After about 30 seconds, he effortlessly lifted off and landed on a nearby tree, where a squirrel scurried higher up the tree. The hawk remained there for quite a while, waiting patiently for a chance at the squirrel. Enjoy the photos that Monica took!