Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?...er...Monica?

I have felt beyond guilty at not posting since.....(let me look at my last post) APRIL!?!

I feel even guiltier for sneaking peaks at other peoples blogs and not commenting and saying hello. (I know, I'm a blog stalker.) I have been busy with life and such (in Minnesota they say "life and whatnot.") and blogging would have been a perfectly wonderful way of keeping track of all of mine and my families goings on. Alas I did not, so I can either boo and hoo about the past or start anew and be like George Soros and moveon.org. I'm going with door #2.

So I'm back rejuvenated and excited to start blogging again! Yay!

I recently had an intense last week. (I should have blogged about it. Wait, no more should'ves or guilt.) And I had the chance to write an article for my wards Relief Society newsletter. I'm attaching it below.

"We have but to ask"

This past summer has been wonderfully busy. Quinn and I have been away visiting family and friends in Las Vegas and I have had the chance to complete three summer classes. Hans stayed in Minnesota and peacefully worked on his dissertation, while my three oldest visited their aunt and grandma in Arizona.

The five weeks of classes were intense and productive and by the fifth week I was very excited to finish summer school and see my kids. For me, this vacation was rejuvenating, but I missed Conrad, Riley and Amelia’s company. I decided that the Friday of my last final, I would take my test bright and early, drive down to Peoria, Arizona, pick them up and drive back. There were a few hairy details involved with this plan that I couldn’t quite figure out.

1. I had my one year old (still nursing) Quinn, who couldn’t be left all day, so I would therefore have to take him on the four hour plus drive.

2. I had Quinn and a four hour plus drive was going to be…a very long four hours to and fro.

3. My car wasn’t big enough to comfortably accommodate myself and four children.

4. I still had to study/finish my final papers and tests.

I decided that putting my energy into my school work would be the most important thing for me to do and my subconscious would work the kinks out of my travel plans. By Wednesday, another paper was thrown on top of the rest of my finals and I became worried about finishing by Friday morning. That night I prayed to God and told him my situation and simply asked him to help me figure out the best plan for getting my kids from Arizona.

Thursday, I took my first final and almost as soon as I left the classroom, my Aunt Cherida called me. She asked me what city in Arizona were my children vacationing. She then told me that she and her husband were traveling through Peoria and that they could pick up my little brood for me.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; Aunt Cherida and Uncle Steve just solved my complicated problem. I’m sure I thanked them twenty times before the conversation ended. I then remembered my prayer the night before; I had asked for help, not prayed for my children to appear out of thin air. It was a miracle. I was walking through the campus and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving and then my thoughts remembered one of the talks I had read to my grandmother days before and a line from Bishop Keith McMullin’s talk kept flashing in my mind, “Our Father knoweth what things we have need of, before we ask Him.”

The spirit bore witness that God knew the things I stood in need of and was waiting for me to ask, so that He could bless me. Also that the things that are spoken of in General Conference were true and pertained to me in my life and that the speakers are inspired of God.

This experience, although not grand on a worldly scale, has been quite significant to me and my testimony of God our Eternal Father. I know that God is aware of our needs and wants and that He loves each of us individually. If we are keeping His commandments, are willing to be guided by the Holy Ghost and are sincere in our prayers, we have but to ask and “God will open the windows of heaven, and pour out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”


Kristin Chesnik said...

Great article Monica! And awesome story! I am always so grateful to be reminded that God loves me when he answers those kinds of personal-need type questions. Thanks so much for making time for us during the trip. And congrats on getting a swagger-wagon! LUCKY!

Leigh said...

Fabulous. How awesome. Glad to have you back in MN ;)

(my word verification is: blesu...how appropriate!)