Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tent Caterpillars

As I look out the window, I can see so many signs of Spring. Not only is it warmer and my allergies are flaring up, but the trees and flowers are in beautiful bloom and all of the animals and insects have come out of hibernation. There are massive amounts of tent caterpillars. I don't have a picture of these little sweethearts because they make me want to vomit. The boys (including Hans) enjoy stepping on them and Conrad especially likes to step on one end and watch their guts splirt out the other. It is so gross.

This year these caterpillars are so prolific that they fall from the sky onto unsuspecting mothers and they lazily crawl up ones shoe and just keep going up the leg.
Eewww. They eat the leaves on our beautiful trees and poop all over the sidewalk and in people's hair. Many a picnic has been ruined because of ill placed tables. It is so gross.

Apparently I
once called them jerks and a few of my friends and husband thought that was funny. Tent caterpillars are jerks; pooping on someone's food or hair and touch others who don't want to be touched, is pretty jerky in my opinion.

My boys and several of their cohorts have taken to filling buckets full of them and filling those buckets with water, in hopes of drowning them. Unfortunately they are pretty hardy and they just crawl out of the bucket which is disgusting or I think the adjective I've been using is gross.

One morning Hans and I were watching videos posted on Facebook and came across a Christian comedian/singer, Tim Hawkins. He sang a song entitled "
Fire ants" That rings all too true to our boys and their "wonders" with nature.


Tana said...

You crack me up!

The Mortensens said...

I have to agree with you 100%. The catepillars need to be removed from the premises completely. I feel like I never see you anymore, it is sad! We've been a little holed up packing and stuff. We need to get together before I move! :)

Michelle said...

Yuk. I have all the same feelings as you, but mine are directed at pigeons. They eat all the dog food, pluck out the seeds that are planted in the garden, poop all over everything (including the rotting bodies of their babies that die), and are just all around nasty.
Sometimes I wonder if maybe I don't love nature as much as I once thought. :) (I guess I just love parts of it)

Stacie said...

Eww...very, very, eww.

Why can't boys just like LOOKING at bugs?!?

Farnsworth Family said...

I just think about how lucky people are who live in places with 4 seasons and am jealous...even with tent caterpillars!!!

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