Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Sugar Honey Ice Tea

This picture was taken in January not April. (Yes, Spring has finally come to Minnesota.)
You may be asking, "Who is that masked man?" Don't let the hand-made scarf, camouflage gloves and orange reflective ankle straps (you'll notice that this was his pre-helmet period) fool you.
No, Hans isn't climbing Mt. Everest or preparing to brave the arctic tundra in search of lost baby sea lions. He is fearlessly dressed to ride his bike 3 miles for another grueling day (or so he says) of dissertation writing.
Hans prides himself on riding his bike every school day of the year come rain or shine, Hell or high water, extreme heat or obscene cold; he's like the United States Post Office. This winter he set a person record for biking in -21 degree (we took this photograph to document the occasion), technically with windchill it was -35. He has yet to lose a nose or finger or any other appendage. There have been a few close calls, but those stories cannot be publicly posted.


Jill said...

Frostbite is no respector of appendages.

Summer said...

You are such a great writer. More posts please... I am sure you have nothing else to do.

Michelle said...

Now that is dedication. Minus 35? I think it's against my religion to be outside in that kind of weather! (except as a missionary, in which case it was the utmost expression of devotion.)

Stacie said...

Ooh, that looks COLD!