Sunday, June 1, 2008

My little brother pays a visit 2

It's nice living in Minnesota, state of 10,000 lakes because if one gets bored there's always a nearby lake that is naturally beautiful and entertaining. We took Mason to Lake Calhoun and the boys brought their bikes. The weather was lovely and it was a fabulous mix of everything. Bottom line everyone went to sleep happy and early. :) Unlike Conrad, Riley is not a ham and does not like his pictures taken. He won't put on a smile and is generally too busy to stand still for a posed picture. Above is a stand still, no smile, no pose, shot. Hey, I take what I can get. (Riley & I both love his galoshes.) Funny story here. Conrad & Riley were riding on the side of a bike path and Riley was going full speed and fell over into the Lake! Just kidding.... There was a 3 foot ditch by the lake he slid into, didn't even get wet and he was stuck and had to pose for me. Again, because he was stuck, I got to pose him looking as if he were trying to pull himself up from the very jaws of death. The smile totally gives is away.
Here is the proof to my accusations that Mason & Conrad are a ham & cheese sandwich when it comes to photo opps. Mason-poser. Conrad-poser. Riley-what would one call that?
Keepin' it real.

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Angie Larkin said... better watch that conrad...he's going to end up on a Calvin Klien underwear billboard in time square. He is so handsome and intense!