Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amelia the princess

I love a good fairytale. Princesses, wicked witches and of course the knight in shining armor. I remember,as a child, going to see Sleeping Beauty in the theater and dancing in the parking lot, all the way to the car. When I was at my Grandma Call's house, I would tie a golden rope to my hair and pretend to be Rapunzel. And even to this very day, as a 29 year old woman, I secretly wish I could call on my furry animal friends to help with the cleaning.
My little Amelia has followed suit and is completely engrossed in the fantastic wonder of Princesses. She had just barely turned 2 and during one of our weekly trips to Super Target, she was pointing towards the toy section and kept saying, "(something) Relly!" I finally let her lead me to what she was looking at and Amelia took me strait to the Disney Princess doll collection. She was trying to say "Princess Relly" as in Cinderella. I looked at her and asked, "How do you know about this?" As I recall, she had only watched
Cinderella once, but clearly that was enough to make an imprint on her young mind. It's fun on Sunday's as we put on our dresses. She will sweetly say, "You look like a princess, Mama." or I will tell her how lovely she looks in her dress and she will ask, "Like Princess Relly?" Of course. Now please note that Amelia doesn't have a favorite princess, she only knows of Cinderella and thus labels all princesses and women in dresses "Princess Relly."
I know that the princess obsession is inevitable, but I was hoping that Amelia would still fascinated by bubbles and bunnies at the young age of 2 and not consumed by
the commercial Disney princesses. The other day gave me hope that Amelia was still innocent and untainted from the Belle's & Jasmin's, when we had this little dialog.
Amelia: "Like a princess, Mama?"
Me: "Yes, Amelia you look like a princess."
Amelia: "Like Princess Leah?"
Me: "Yessss!"


Karen said...

I love, love that picture. My daughter loves Disney Princesses too. I think they are a toss up between them and Hannah Montana. Disney sure knows what kids like!

Farnsworth Family said...

Let's face it, girls innately love princesses. My girls go nuts for anything princess, purple/pink, and all other things girly.

Stacie Morris said...

Amelia, you are a beautiful princess! Miss Madison also has a serious princess love and I must say I think it's pretty cute.

By the way, what's new on the stolen car? I just saw the post and am SO SORRY for such a frustrating thing to have happen! I guess the sexiness that is known as 'minivan' was just too much for the jerk.

Dave and Becky said...

Ahhh, Princess Amelia. Is she talking of her Prince yet? Little Morgan already dreams of her Prince who will come and marry her in the temple. Wow, they start young!

The Morris Fam said...

I am hopping to delay the "princess" stage as long as possible. Are little girls that pull off roach legs still really into the Disney princess culture???

Cassi said...

How cute! Monica you take really good pictures!
Mayli and Amelia would be best friends if they ever had a princess conversation!

Angie Larkin said...

What a priceless photo. There is something so special about little girls.