Sunday, January 25, 2009

A new tradition

Hans & I want to start new traditions that don't involve food. Not that there is anything wrong with making memories while eating at the same time. But traditions that leave us feeling healthier and focused are the ones Hans & I are trying to make and keep with our family as well as the Thanksgiving Turkey, birthday cake,St. Patrick's Corn beef and Cabbage, Valentine chocolates, and Christmas pies. Anyway... so for New Year's Day we went to Red Rock Canyon. We had hoped to get there as the sun was rising to make for a poetic watching the dawn of a new year, but it was new years day, so we got up a little later, because of the night before. but the view was fantastic!
I remember thinking as a teen, how ugly the mountains looked with out trees on them. (teenagers...)

Although Amelia was pretty sad about not being able to scale the rocks with her big brothers, she did enjoy her own personal photo shoot.

The boys (Hans included) climbed up the red rock too high for pregnant women or 3 year olds.

I can always count on Conrad to strike a sweet pose.

My boys are so fearless. It's a good and bad thing for a mother to watch.

I'm surprised that Riley wasn't wearing his light saber or rubber band gun.
(I think there might have been a law forbidding weapons.)

I finally bought a new camera and after this trip realized that I need to read up on lighting, focusing and the whole SLR thingy.


Stacie said...

You're pregnant! Congrats!!

Glad you guys had such fun at Red Rock. That sounds like a great tradition.

Michelle said...

Such beautiful pictures!
I don't think I could ever convince my hubby to focus on traditions not involving food, food is like at the center of every fond childhood memory he has. I think it is too funny! :)

Scott said...

You should make this your "visit Red Rock Canyon and eat a whole bunch of rock candy" tradition. C'mon--eating is where it's at!

Jen said...

I love the pictures, we miss Red Rock so much! Good thing we have big pictures of it right above our kitchen table. You all look adorable, just because youre pregnant Monica doesn't mean you get to take all the pictures and not be in any of them :) I'm so glad you had fun with out food, c'mon though a little home made cookies never hurt anyone..or is that why my jeans don't fit this month?

Farnsworth Family said...

Red Rock is such a great back drop for pictures and it looks like a fun outing! How have you been feeling?

Jill said...

I agree that watching the dawn of a new year is VERY poetic. I think the only way I would make it on New Years Day is if I hadn't been to bed yet. We like to party like it's 1999. Feel free to pass on any other foodless traditions. Just maybe don't mention it in RS. You may be burned as a heritic. My favorite picture is the one of the boys under the teepee rock.

Perry Bunch said...

Great picture's! I love going out to Red Rock we took family pictures out ther few years ago. Love the new tradition good idea.

Karen said...

I need your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog :) (krazy421 at yahoo dot com)

Michaelson Family said...

Those are beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you have now? I am in the market for an improvement.

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