Monday, March 15, 2010

Conrad wants an all American Girl

There's a new girl in town and Conrad is smitten. She has curly blond hair, hazel eyes and she loves to be outside in the sunshine, she even owns a bunny, (they already have so much in common.) "Lanie is an energetic girl who discovers the world in her own backyard."
Lanie is the 2010 Girl of the Year for American Girl and Conrad wants her. Actually he wants her so he can give her to Amelia for her birthday. Every year American Girl holds a contest to win their doll of the year. "Many children (mostly girls) will enter, few will win." This year they have to write an essay (1000 words or less) on "I'm inspired by nature when..." and take pictures of nature. The winner is randomly selected, so I figure Conrad has as good a shot as any and he thought so too.
Such a sweet brother, right? Okay he's entering the contest to win the doll for Amelia and the grand prize loot he's going to sell and keep the money. I had to convince him that he had to give the doll to Amelia, otherwise he was just being greedy.
I wanted to share the essay he wrote. It is truly from a boy and it is truly Conrad and if the essays were being judged, I know that the people in charge would find his words amusing and refreshing.

My name is Conrad Nikolas Rawhouser and I’m 10 years old. I am entering this contest so I can win Lanie for my little Sister Amelia Jane.

I am inspired by nature when I climb trees. The higher I go the more wind I can catch. Up there, I can spy on people and animals. I also collect pine cones and leaves up in the trees. When I climb down, the branches are like a ladder and I can swing, hang and balance on them. (My mom does not like the balancing part.)

I’m inspired by nature when I take my bunny, Lizzy on walks outside. I like to watch her hop around in the snow, on piles of leaves, grass, and rain, but sometimes she doesn’t really like getting wet, so I hold her. Lizzy full name is Elizabeth and she is an orange lion head rabbit.

In the summer when there is mud, I take the hose and put lots of water in the mud and that makes a perfect mud bath. The mud and cold water feel great in between my toes and I like to squish it in my hands. At the end of the day I’m covered in mud and I have to hose off before I can go inside to take a bath.

I think butterflies and dragonflies are very pretty. I am really skilled at catching them with my fingers or my net. I pinned a Monarch and Mourning Cloak. They are two different species of butterflies. Last Summer I caught ten butterflies and one dragonfly, but my mom would only let me keep two. I am inspired when I see a butterfly because I want to catch more and more every year.

I made my very own bows and arrows out of leather, bird feathers and sticks from trees that I found outside. I have a lot of fun chasing rabbits and squirrels.

I love animals and I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I have saved eight baby rabbits, three baby squirrels, and one baby robin and it made me feel happy to see them grow up and have babies of their own.

I want my family to be inspired by nature as much as I am.

Thank you Conrad for keeping it real and for your willingness to put yourself out there for your little sister. She will love you forever if you win. Now if you lose...


Josh and Kristin Chesnik said...

What a sweet brother! And I love the essay--it if was awarded due to merit, I think he might win!

Stacie said...

That was so endearing. I truly hope he wins!

Julie said...

too bad it's randomly selected. His chances of winning would skyrocket if there were judges involved.

Shaunna said...

He hasn't changed much in five years, has he? But what a great essay! So full of the specific details that matter. It definitely gets an A in my grade book.

Angie Larkin said...

I love your family. Always on a learning adventure.

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