Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat

My kids totally crack me up! They were crazy this Halloween or should I say fierce?

Conrad originally wanted to be a mad scientist again, but then he remembered that he had an authentic Arab head dress, from Saudi Arabia, (a friend of ours went to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.) so with a little shoe polish and sunglasses he became a Saudi. (I think he looks like my brother Mason.)

No Arab would be complete without a white sheet and camouflage Birkenstocks.

My friend Stacy Miller (Noah's mom) painted all four of the army guys faces. She said while she was painting each of their faces, they had their game faces on. (see above) When she finished, they ran to the mirror, admired their reflections with an "Awesome!" and told her that she was their official camouflage expert. (now that's awesome.)

Riley originally wanted to be Concussion on the movie Zoom, but we couldn't find red, burgundy or maroon sweats anywhere. (go figure we live in maroon and gold U of M country.)
He remembered that some of his friends were going as army guys and since he had every piece of clothing in camouflage, he decided to work it. (even his Converse and socks are camouflage.)

These are the very serious army guys with their camo and Nerf guns:
Riley, Noah, Marvin, & Emil.

Amelia was going to be a butterfly and I had visions of her being a magnificent monarch with huge hand painted wings. I almost had her convinced until she wanted to be Fancy Nancy to go along with her birthday party. For a split second she wanted to be a princess, but Fancy Nancy was going strong and then on Halloween day she wanted to be a butterfly again. I had no amazing wings or black and orange tutu, but she knew what she wanted and what a butterfly ought to look like. She found her pink butterfly headband, (no she didn't want antennas), pink fuzzy wings, pink tutu, pink galoshes and some pink hair spray. Of course no butterfly would be complete without tons of glitter and a black velvet unitard. It was a little chilly that night, so of course she donned her denim jacket and toted her gold trim purple leopard print treat bag. (She rocked it like the fashionista I knew she could be.)

Quinn has admirer of all ages. A friend from church gave him this oh-so-adorable pumpkin sleeper complete with beanie.

He stayed home with me and slept all of Halloween, while I passed out candy.


i said...

How exciting!!! I just love cleaver costumes. The Arab is awesome!

Kristin Chesnik said...

Their costumes are HILARIOUS! Happy Halloween Rawhouser Family!

Jill said...

Okay, I totally did not realize the combined awesomeness of Conrad's and Riley's costumes unil getting the visual! Love it.

Summer said...

I just couldn't see those boys you were talking about in that picture of the tree....great camo. I love the butterfly too. Conrad is looking tough in his facial hair. did that come off?

Stacie said...

Those costumes are just so awesome!

Michelle said...

So cute - I absolutely LOVE that last picture of Quinn. And seriously, those costumes all rocked!