Monday, September 7, 2009

The scariest thing I've ever seen

10 days ago, Riley had a Benign Rolandic Epileptic Seizure. No, seizures don't run in our family, he didn't have a fever, he wasn't hit on the head and the day was anything but traumatic. We joke the Riley has a bladder the size of a walnut because when we travel he has to "go" more often than anyone else. Also to insure a "dry night", Hans or I take him to the bathroom around 11 every night. Riley is also a very deep sleeper and when we take him to the can, he never wakes up and doesn't remember anything about his nightly bathroom run the next day. We've been to the pediatrician and Riley checks out as a pretty normal kid when it comes to small bladders & deep sleeping. We are waiting anxiously for everything to mature and have just made this part of our nightly ritual.

I tell you this not to embarrass my sweet son, but because of this habit, Thursday night around 11:50, Hans took Riley to the bathroom and noticed he was drooling a lot. Hans woke me up to check it out and I noticed white foam accompanied the drooling and instead of a sleepy Riley with mumbling with half opened eyes, his eyes were wide open and unresponsive. Maybe a minute later his right hand and head started twitching rhythmically. I remember looking at Hans and his face expressed what I was thinking, "Oh no, this cannot be happening. He's having a seizure."

I then took Riley off the toilet (pulled up his underwear) and laid him on his side. I was screaming his name pleading with him to wake up. I looked up again and Hans was on the phone. He then scooped Riley up and told me he was taking him to the street so the paramedics could get too him sooner. Riley's body become more tense and he was still twitching.

I ran after Hans and almost the moment he got to the sidewalk, a police car drove up and within a minute later, the paramedics came. They took Riley into the ambulance and in a couple of minutes they closed the door. The ambulance then drove off and we followed them in the police man's car.

By the time we got to the hospital, they paramedics told us that Riley had calmed down and also told us that he had vomited and stopped breathing for 2 minutes. I'm thinking, "What does that mean? Is he going to be okay?"

In the emergency room at Hennepin County Medical Center (it's a learning hospital), Riley was the only patient, but there were at least 6 medical personal ranging from nurses, fellows, & residents. By then, Riley was asleep, but crying as they put in IV's, drew blood and stuck heart monitors all over his chest. He then calmed in to a deep sleep and they were able to run tests on him without him moving.

After Riley was transported to the Pediatric ICU, he woke up around 2 a.m. drowsy but normal. (I even quizzed him on his times tables and he was alright in the head.) Hans, with the help of Bishop Matthews, gave him a blessing and then he went to the bathroom, answered a few more routine questions from the nurse and fell back asleep.

Thankfully all of the results from the MRI, CT scan & EEG came back normal. The Neurologist was kind but confident that he would be fine and even went so far as to say he should get a check up in December, before she discharged him at 7 p.m. that same day.

We were told that he may or may not have another seizure and if he does and it last over 3 minutes we give him a Valium suppository. (no kidding, that should be fun, bleck!) If it goes longer than 15 minutes then we call 911. (I know, 15 minutes?) He will most likely out grow them when he hits his teen years and until then he must ride his bike with a helmet (oops), he can only take showers (no more relaxing baths), and he has to be watched when swimming.(thank heavens for lifeguards.)

I am so grateful he's alright. The whole time he was seizing and up until he woke up I was praying silently and verbally that God would help him to be okay and he is just fine. My sweet little Riley.

I am just so grateful.


Karen said...

So glad he is ok. Scary stuff.

Mark said...

Wow. Tell Riley hello and that we´re thinking of him. Glad that everything turned out well.

Farnsworth Family said...

What an experience. Thankfully everything turned out well. Hopefully that will be a first and a last!

Sarah said...

So so so scary! Good job mom and dad for doing the right things. Hopefully this is something that won't be back!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, Monica, that is so incredibly scary!! I felt a lump in my throat the whole time I was reading your story, and now I feel like crying for you - out of relief! I am so very thankful and happy that he is okay. And I CANNOT believe they told you to call 911, but only after 15 minutes!!! That is a crazy long time!

Kristin Chesnik said...

I am so glad that I know your family website, but so, so sad for Riley and your poor family's night! That truly sounds horendous. I hope that it was just a fluke thing and that he is doing better.

Small World Rocks said...

My daughter has BRE as well and has had a few seizures. We've somewhat linked them to lack of sleep. But it's still scary as all get out when she has them!!

Good luck to you. Email if you'd like to chat:

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