Friday, August 1, 2008

I almost forgot to tell you about the sweetest thing...

Girls can too
Laurie Hein

While we were on our Midwest trip, we stopped off at Mary Yoder's, an "Amish Style" restaurant. (The food wasn't anything to write in a blog about.) Our family scanned the menu, looking for something distinctly Amish and I always ask for a recommendations on what to order from the servers, so I thought I would ask one of the girls busing the tables that was really Amish. This was her response.

"Well, I have never actually eaten here, so I can't tell you what tastes good, but I can tell you what looks good. Hmmm. The cheeseburger, with lettuce and tomato, that looks good."

Maybe one would have to be there to understand that her response was the sweetest thing I'd heard in a long time. It was so sincere and honest, she wasn't trying to impress us at all and I'm sure the thought never even crossed her mind.

This girl wasn't the first person I've asked who hadn't eaten at the restaurant with which they worked, but her reaction was different from the others. Here are some examples of what Hans & I have heard while on our culinary journey:
"I've never actually tried anything here." long pause, crickets chirping, then they roll their eyes, and walk away.

Then their are the people that say:
"I've never actually eaten anything here." insert excuse.

-"I'm just doing this job for the summer."

-"I'm a vegetarian"

-"I don't really like ice cream, so what I like here is the bottled water."

and finally the one I dislike most:
"Well such n' such (which happens to the most expensive entree on the menu) is popular."

I wonder how I would have responded, I'm sure I would think,
"Yes, the cheeseburger looks good, but if I say that everyone will think I'm a dummy."

So I would respond,
"The organic, locally grown, free range, whole wheat, cage free, imported, fusion vegetarian tofu wrap looks awesome."
(Yea, I need to work on being a little sweeter & sincere.)


Dan said...

Hey Rawhousers!

If any of your family vacations bring you to the DC-metro-area, you are always welcome to stay at the Pomeroy's place. We don't have any Amish food though. =]

Later gators,

Jill Mennig said...

Monica. That is sweet. Did you take that picture? Either way I love it.

Jill Mennig said...

oh, wait. Now I see it looks like a painting. Nevermid! The screen on our old half-dead laptop is really bad.

Jill Mennig said...

uh, and you sited the artist and title. I guess I can't blame that one on my computer:)